Memorial Day Weekend Work Schedule

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There will not be any work activities on the project site Friday 5/27 and Monday 5/30.  Due to the upcoming holiday weekend the site contractor has been working extended hours this week to allow Friday 5/27 be a non-work day for their crew.  Monday 5/30 is Memorial Day and recognized as a holiday by the trades.     

Project Update - Week of May 23rd 2022

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Please see the below project update and list of activities scheduled for the week of 5/23.

  • The site contractor shall continue with stripping topsoil activities at the new track location.  The project's LSP shall continue on-site monitoring of these activities as required.  
  • Tentatively start exporting topsoil materials offsite to the Department of Public Works property.  This activity may shift to commence the following week of 5/30. 
  • Tree removal is scheduled to commence on Monday 5/23 and will continue through the week.  This crew shall commence their work in the area of the Battery Emergency Storage System (BESS) on the project site, which is adjacent to the existing School District Offices.
  • The site contractor shall commence stripping of topsoil at the new building location this week.  

Project Update - Week of April 25th 2022

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The Florence Roche Elementary School construction project has commenced!  Site mobilization activites commenced this week on-site during school vacation.  Please see below a project update and list of activities scheduled for the week of 4/25.

  • Temporary construction fence:
    • Complete the hanging of fence on posts previously driven behind Middle School South, adjacent to the existing ball field on Monday 4/25.
    • Continue driving posts and hanging of fence along the access road that connects to Champney Street.
    • Prep and set the fence gates at Gates A, B1, B2.  The balance of ancillary Gates shall follow.
    • Installation of fencing shall continue around the perimeter of the project site.
  • Setting, leveling and assembly of the double wide office trailer shall commence on Monday 4/25.
  • The site contractor shall commence establishing site and building layout control onsite Tuesday 4/26.
  • Installation of erosion control measures on the project site are scheduled to commence on Wednesday 4/27

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